The time pressures today on salespeople and clients are out of control. Sellers react in two ways that undermine their effectiveness.

In a misguided effort to save their prospects' time, salespeople take on more of the work, shoulder more of the burden themselves. And they turn proposals around with lightning speed, delivering the complete package on the second call.

That's handoff selling. The salesperson does all of her work first, hands off the proposal to the prospect as if it were a baton in a relay race, and then the prospect begins his work, the detailed consideration of this and other proposals.

That's not how the pros close! Author Steve Marx reveals how the most accomplished professionals actually do big deals and create long-lasting client relationships. They merge selling and buying into a single process - interactive selling. It's a process anyone can learn and any company can adopt.

"Close Like the Pros" is not another rehash of sales basics - the basics in this book are the ones missing from every other book on the shelf.

"Close Like the Pros":

  • Is targeted at business-to-business salespeople who sell tailored solutions and seek long-term relationships - and to anyone who has an important idea or initiative to sell internally.
  • Weans salespeople from the dangerous fiction of the two-call close, which causes them to lose control, lose influence, and lose business.
  • Gives salespeople the tools they need to activate the buying process as soon as the selling process begins - and to keep the selling process alive until the decision is ready.
  • Shows salespeople how to invest more time with prospects likely to buy and less with those who aren't.
  • Changes the language of selling, introducing the reader to real-life practices including half-baked ideas, homework assignments, molehill decisions, trial balloons, and more.

With interactive selling, the prospect helps improve the proposal, and the proposal helps improve the prospect! It's 21st century high-engagement selling and buying.