Talent Plus’ Aspirational Culture Again Recognized by Great Place to Work

Kimberly Rath on Thursday, October 25 2012, 07:21 PM
Aspirational. We just learned last night that for the 2nd year in a row we have been named to the 50 Best Places to Work list and both years we have held the #6 position. The trajectory of this award has an upward lift. The benchmark this year was higher than in years past and I’m thrilled that our trajectory has matched that of our company overall. For me, this award is rewarding. Not only because it’s fun to receive recognition – but because it’s an affirmation. Talent Plus is our biggest client. And, we want to make sure that for our largest client, we are applying our products and services and our best practices to our own people. Clients are at the center of everything we do. The better our culture is for our own associates – the better it will be for our clients.

The culture of an organization is defined by who is selected – those are the individuals who shape your culture. When you select the right people for the right jobs you are selecting your culture. With each hire, your culture gets better or worse. With our validated methodology we have the opportunity to consistently select the right talent for the right role selection after selection.

So why aspirational rather than institutional? Each day when we meet at Formation, we talk about a piece of our mission, vision, values, or a business practice. They are aspirations– we’re hoping that we can get to that perfect state and each day I believe we are getting closer and with awards like these – it's an affirmation. And, with this particular award, we have the opportunity to talk about our culture and to be benchmarked to other companies. I’m one of the lucky ones as I have the opportunity to tap dance to work each day and engage with individuals who are very talented and who are working toward a future state with each of our more than 300 clients around the globe. As a leader in this high performance culture, my role is to make sure that everyone has a platform to reach their potential, to access their talents to perform in their role with excellence. My role, too, is to mentor our leaders so they can in turn facilitate that growth with their team members.

Benchmarking the other 49 companies on the list will be ongoing for us. We are always looking to improve and we’re anxious to learn more about our peers on the Great Place to Work list – congratulations to each of them. We are looking forward to learning from each of you and we invite you to join us in visiting one of our offices.
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