How can I prepare for a Talent Plus interview?

Our interviews are designed to help us better understand your innate talents and abilities. The best way to prepare for the interview is simply to relax and be yourself. Ensuring that you have a clear phone connection is helpful in eliminating any possible stressors from the interview process, and we would encourage you to find a quiet place to talk where you can express yourself freely. Our scheduling team will inform you of the approximate length of the interview, and you will want to ensure that you have plenty of time available so you do not feel rushed.

What will I be asked during my interview?

Our questions are designed to help us understand who you are as a person and the unique talents and abilities you bring to your position. There will not be any technical questions, so please do not feel that you need to study or prepare. Our best interviewees are willing to express their own point of view and we encourage you to answer the questions in your own way. Some individuals prefer to have a resume available to keep past experiences top of mind, but this is not a necessity. You will be asked questions that you can readily answer off the top of your head pulling from your own experiences and opinions.

How long is my interview?

Our interviews vary in length. When you speak to one of our associates to schedule your interview, they will let you know the average time of the interview you will be participating in. For most individuals, this time period will be more than sufficient to finish your interview. However, as most of our questions are open-ended, there is room for quite a bit of fluctuation in duration. Your interview may be much shorter than you had planned, or in some cases a bit longer. This will not impact the outcome of your interview in any way.

Once my interview begins what can I expect?

After gathering some background information, the interviewer will read to you a series of structured questions and leave them up to your interpretation. They can repeat a question if you need them to, and you can add to the answer of a previous question at any time.

What is Talent Plus?

Talent Plus is an international human resource firm grounded in the study of top performers in order to create assessments and interviews for the purposes of selection and development. We are part of a tradition committed to the realization of Dr. William E. Hall's dream of a world in which each person becomes significant by fully optimizing their potential as a result of good relationships.

Where are you located?

Talent Plus is headquartered in Lincoln, Neb. We also have offices in Singapore and Bogota, Colombia .