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  • enhance the quality of patient care?
  • increase employee engagement?
  • reduce turnover?
  • improve patient satisfaction?
  • create a more patient- and family-centered culture?

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UCLA Health System Three years ago, UCLA Health System ranked in the 38th percentile of peer institutions with regard to patient satisfaction. Today, they rank in the 95th percentile...

King's Daughter's Medical Susan Graham, director of learning and organizational development for King's Daughters Medical Center, had a vision for her organization to secure a spot on Fortune magazine's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For and accomplished just that.

Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital had a vision to take health care and healing beyond the boundaries of imagination and within three months of opening their doors, patient satisfaction scores were in the 99th percentile where they remain today.

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Hiring managers can focus on the talent of an individual for a particular role - from front line to senior leadership -- receiving a score for each individual with an assessment of strengths and weaknesses. Once selected, these same interview and assessment results provide development and coaching strategies and content for further discussions.

Through a focus on talent, fit and development - health care organizations see a direct impact to the bottom line as well as fewer medical errors, decreases in morbidity, reduced infection rates, shorter patient stays, increased loyalty, greater team dynamics, higher levels of care and empathy, improved efficiencies and processes and the ability to do more with less.

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A client since 2004, this health system began building a new hospital in July 2006. Changing the face of health care by building a center for well-being, healing and community education, their president and CEO charged Talent Plus to assist in the creation of an engaged work force through the selection and development of highly talented people.

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After just one year, two Talent Plus health care client partners evaluated their use of the Quality Selection Process® (QSP®) and found remarkable results. Their findings simply reinforce what Talent Plus clients know. Because the QSP® selects for talent specific to each type of interview, those selected are better able to perform in their jobs. Since they are better suited for their position, they are able to perform the job well and experience increased job satisfaction.

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A study was conducted by Talent Plus at a health care facility to compare Press Ganey employee satisfaction data and interview data from department leaders.

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A year after partnering with a health system, Talent Plus examined their return on investment from implementing the Health Care Professional Interview.

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In this webinar focuses on how UCLA Health System revolutionized their approach to the patient experience, resulting in unyielding excellence and outcomes that are the envy of organizations across the nation. Listen to bestselling author Joseph Michelli as he unveils with UCLA leaders Mark Speare and Robin Ludewig, along with Talent Plus president and cofounder Kimberly Rath, the "prescription" that led to their remarkable transformation. In his newest book, Michelli provides and inside look at an organization that has become the envy of its industry - and explains how you can dominate your own industry by using the same approach. This webinar provides attendees the opportunity to ask these industry leaders questions and provide more details around UCLA's five principled approach to excellence.

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This webinar features Kim Coleman, administrative director of talent acquisition at Bon Secours Virginia Health System, telling her story of the journey she and her team embarked on to transform their selection process and become one of the Best Workplaces in the World. Learn the strategy behind their transformation and how this multi-award-winning health care system took innovative steps to benchmark themselves in employee engagement, turnover and more - invigorating a workforce and becoming a change-agent in health care today.

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Listen to Doug Rath, chairman at Talent Plus, Dr. Scott Whiteford, chair of research at Talent Plus and Dr. Susan Hirt, director of leadership consultants speak about what Talent Plus has learned from studying health care workers. Health care organizations must have a focus on talent at all levels, from the CEO to nurses to administrative assistants to physicians. A team of talented nurses working with a team of talented aides to support a team of talented physicians creates a patient-centric health care experience like no other. We've discovered excellent patient care requires a team of talented individuals focused on innovation and creativity, who can look to what could be rather than what might not, and foster meaningful interpersonal relationships that improve quality of care and speed of recovery.

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This webinar features Gerard van Grinsven, CEO of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital and cofounder of Fast Company magazine/bestselling author William C. Taylor. They look at how health care leaders and others are producing sustainable results by shifting their thinking beyond the ordinary and in the case of Henry Ford West Bloomfield- selecting for natural talent not simply technical expertise.

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Talent Plus has put talent online! The leader in the scientific selection and development of people for growth-oriented organizations, has taken the same rigor that has gone into their structured interviews and put them online for frontline health care professionals on the clinical and non-clinical side, creating more effecienties and ROI for our customers. Learn more about how Henry Ford's partnership has increased patient satisfaction and decreased length of stay, for example, by partnering with Talent Plus.

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Gerard van Grinsven, president and CEO of Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital (HFWBH) recently spoke to Talent Plus associates and clients on the eve of the Hospital's one-year anniversary. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital's vision? A passion for service; a commitment to creating an environment of excellence; and successful relationships with the community, patients and employees. The outcome? Turnover at just 4% among employees (after selecting 1,200 from 25,000 applicants) and 99% satisfaction scores when compared to hospitals nationally, hospitals of only their size and hospitals in Michigan (Press Ganey). Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital has become a benchmark for health care moving forward in America with visitors from around the world visiting each day.

Watch his presentation below or visit the HFWBH site to learn more.

Susan Graham, director of learning and organizational development for King's Daughters Medical Center, describes her organization's journey to a spot on Fortune magazine's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.

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