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Talent Plus and The Beryl Institute have long been partners with a goal of improving patient experience. To that end, The Beryl Institute and Talent Pus have joined forces to publish, “The Power of Selection and the Use of Talent in Driving Exceptional Patient Experience.”

“If we believe that delivering the best in experience is central to our mission in healthcare, we cannot leave the delivery mechanism – our people – to chance,” said Jason Wolf, president of The Beryl Institute. “Identifying your selection methodology and ensuring not just the right, but also the best people are on board is one of the most strategic decisions you can make in building a successful patient experience effort.”

The paper’s author, Kimberly Rath, Chairman and Founder, Talent Plus, Inc., is a recognized leader in the field of executive development and human resources and also serves on The Beryl Institute’s Resource Advisory Council.

To download a complimentary copy of the whitepaper visit:

Link: https://theberylinstitute.site-ym.com/store/ViewProduct.aspx?id=3473829
Promo Code: Selection_2014

Click here to see The Beryl Institute's full press release.

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Talent Plus Partners with Salesforce in ROI Case Strudy http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/500-talent-plus-partners-with-salesforce http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/500-talent-plus-partners-with-salesforce Talent Plus and Salesforce have joined forces to design a custom system to provide better, faster information to our client base.

"To further integrate its Sales Cloud with business operations, Talent Plus used the
Salesforce Force.com platform and Jitterbit to build a custom application to automate and
manage the assignment, tracking, and delivery of its selection assessment deliverables to
clients. Nucleus found the project enabled Talent Plus to increase productivity, accelerate
order fulfillment to clients, and gain greater visibility into team and individual growth and
performance while increasing collaboration through Chatter adoption."

ROI: 651%
Payback: 2 months
Average annual benefit: $676,346

Take a look at this ROI Case Study to see our results.

To read an ROI case study related to the custom build.

Talent Plus Salesforce ROI Study

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Talent Plus Employees Help Others to Find Quality Workers | Lincoln Journal Star http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/498-talent-plus-employees-help-others-to-find-quality-workers-lincoln-journal-star http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/498-talent-plus-employees-help-others-to-find-quality-workers-lincoln-journal-star This article from the Lincoln Journal Star creates an overview of Talent Plus as our 25th year in business approaches.

"The company uses psychology-based tools to help U.S. and foreign companies get the best job applicants and maximize the potential of existing employees.

Kimberly Rath, co-chairman of the board of directors and former president, said the company has perfected the science behind its assessments, used by hospitals, luxury brands, resorts and retailers.

'We have so much proof of science it’s time now to accelerate that and have other companies join and feel the impact of what we can help them do by discovering people’s capabilities and their talent,' she said." Click Here to Read the Entire Article.

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Square Peg Round Hole | Car Wash Magazine http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/474-square-peg-round-hole http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/474-square-peg-round-hole In the Talent Plus Growth Formula, [Talent + Fit] x Investment=Growth ®, Fit, is a primary component. This article, published in Car Wash Magazine,  highlights the importance of Fit to any organization.

“Think of it this way: If you are a high level executive, with years of experience on your resume, and you are selected into a company whose culture is significantly different than your own or what your vision is for the company, the likelihood that you will succeed and  bring along your associates to grow the company is not great." (Kimberly Rath, Co-Chairman of Talent Plus)


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Talent Plus of Lincoln Evolving with Trends, Builds Niche in Auto Industry | Midlands Business Journal http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/471-talent-plus-of-lincoln-evolving-with-trends-builds-niche-in-auto-industry- http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/471-talent-plus-of-lincoln-evolving-with-trends-builds-niche-in-auto-industry- This article, published in the Midlands Business Journal, speaks to the roll out of our automotive Talent Online ® Assessments. 

Building on a decade-long working relationship with Mercedes Benz, Talent Plus is in the midst of rolling out a new product that is helping the automotive industry identify top talent and develop those individuals’ leadership skills. Talent Plus President Kimberly Rath said the new assessment tool is currently being rolled out in North American markets. “As we have seen tools changed, we’ve evolved with the market,” she said. “The new product is built to deliver online assessments.”

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Helping Companies Around the Globe Focus on Employee Strengths | L Magazine http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/470-helping-companies-around-the-globe-focus-on-employee-strengths http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/470-helping-companies-around-the-globe-focus-on-employee-strengths This article, published in L Magazine, tells the foundational story of Talent Plus, a compelling place to work.

“When we were planning our strategy, it was absolutely paramount to us that we lay the right foundation for our own company culture,” says Kimberly Rath, Talent Plus president and managing director. “We focused on the three Cs. We wanted our company to be a  compelling place for our associates to work. We wanted our company to be a compelling place for clients to do business. And we wanted our company to be a compelling part of the community. In short, we wanted our employees to tap dance to work.”

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On the Honor System | The Omaha World Herald http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/468-on-the-honor-system http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/468-on-the-honor-system Talent Plus was featured in an article in The Omaha World Herald on limitless vacation policies.

"To see how an unlimited vacation policy might work, Talent Plus formed a committee to analyze the company's sick leave data. The average amount taken was just six-tenths of one day, said Bill Kerrey, chairman of the technology team who led the committee on the company's leave policy. 'You didn’t have to go very far to see that the trust that was given by Talent Plus was being returned by the associ­ates,' he said."

Click Here to Read the Full Article.

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Five Essential Strategies to Create the Best Patient Experience http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/462-five-essential-strategies-to-create-the-best-patient-experience http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/462-five-essential-strategies-to-create-the-best-patient-experience Empower your staff to exceed service expectations and watch your guests walk away with a great experience!

Download PDF

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Kimberly Rath's Guest Blog Featured on CNBC.com http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/457-kimberly-raths-guest-blog-featured-on-cnbccom http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/457-kimberly-raths-guest-blog-featured-on-cnbccom Kimberly Rath, President and Managing Director of Talent Plus, is featured as a guest blogger on CNBC.com. The post entitled, "Yahoo!'s Mayer Should Be Measuring Talent" discusses how shifting corporate culture and increasing employee engagement doesn't mean employees have to be physically in the office. Employee engagement has more to do with how you select your employees than where they are located.

Read the full post.

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Talent Plus Client Partner Receives "China Best Employer Award 2011" http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/395-talent-plus-client-partner-receives-qchina-best-employer-award-2011q http://www.talentplus.com/news-room/articles/395-talent-plus-client-partner-receives-qchina-best-employer-award-2011q Talent Plus client partner Air Products has received the "China Best Employer Award 2011" top 100 nomination recognizing its contribution to talent recruitment and development in China.

Click here to read the full release.

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