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Talent Plus at a Glance

  • A privately held company, Talent Plus is the premier global human resources consulting firm with over 200 world-class, quality-growth-oriented clients.
  • Corporate headquarters in Lincoln, Neb., USA, with global offices in Singapore and Bogota, Colombia.
  • More than 140 associates working in Lincoln, Neb., and around the globe every day.
  • Founded in 1989 with Doug Rath, Kimberly Rath, Sandy Maxwell and Dr. William E. Hall.
  • Long-standing client relationships date back to the 1960s when individuals at Talent Plus first began utilizing scientific studies of success.
  • Based on empirical data, Talent Plus has developed reliable and validated instruments that allow clients to assess an individual's aptitude to perform a specific job with excellence.
  • This Science of Talent® determines how personal talents affect performance in every part of the workplace, from top to bottom.
  • Through this approach, client partners are able to further define their culture through the acquisition, retention and recognition of top talent.
  • Maximizing the human capital within our clients' organizations has resulted in:
    • Improved profitability, growth and people performance.
    • Retention of highly talented employees.
    • Reliable succession planning.
    • Consistent and objective recruitment and selection processes.
    • We are interested in assisting our clients in building Talent-Based Organizations®.