ARTICLE  |  09.23.09

Ritz-Carlton employees are passionate, disciplined, and fanatical about their jobs. Over the years, much has been written about the extraordinary customer service you can expect to receive from these bastions of performance excellence. Employees are always seeking to deliver spectacular service, while looking for ways to make the guest experience memorable. Hotel employees operate on the premise that nothing is impossible to satisfy the wants, needs, and expectations of guests. When approached by a guest it's almost as if the employee automatically says, "Yes", before a question is even raised by the guest.

What makes the experience so genuine at a Ritz-Carlton is that the employees foster the same courteous attitude even when they are not working. The work ethic that separates Ritz-Carlton service from other hotels is embedded in employees and it carries over into their private lives. There is no onstage or offstage personalities. The staff is always "on." And their focus on service does not end when they leave the confines of the hotel. 

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