Talent Advantage

Talent Plus clients around the world gain the Talent Advantage over industry peers by integrating Talent Plus' research, selection instruments and supportive technology to become Talent-Based Organizations® (TBO®).

Talent Study

In a broad industry study* comparing the top 1 percent of producers in medium complexity jobs to those in the bottom 1 percent, it was revealed that producers in the top group outperformed those in the bottom by approximately 1,200 percent. In essence, one top performer generated the combined output of 12 bottom performers.

Our research results (Talent Advantages) and measurement demonstrate significant outcome differences between top and average talent.

*John Hunter, Michigan State University, Frank Schmidt and Michael Judiesch, University of Iowa: 1990

The Talent Plus Growth Formula

Search through this library of Talent Advantage® case studies to learn how these organizations are realizing impressive increases in sales, employee retention, employee performance, recruiter productivity and return on investment (ROI). The longitudinal studies now in excess of 10 years of data demonstrate profound outcomes by organizations that have been committed to building a Talent-Based Organization®.

Through the recruitment and selection of talented leaders, this health care client saw over 700% topline revenue growth. Employee Engagement Scores – Financial: Through a focus on talent selection and development through the economic downturn, this organization achieved their strongest financial results to date. Employee engagement scores and Net Promoter scores both increased, and assets increased by 28 percent and employee headcount increased by 12 percent.
Over a ten-year period, through the Talent Plus Leadership Talent Profile ®, this company grew its stores by nearly five-fold. Over the past two years, sales increased 25% and profits increased 45%.
Talent Plus health care clients, especially those most integrated with The Science of Talent, scored above the national average on the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey (HCAHPS®).
Those studied through the Sales Consultant Talent Bencmark, delivered 2.5 times the results when compared to all sales consultants nationwide, resulting in higher closings and profit.
After a nine-year partnership with Talent Plus, this health care client experienced a 24 percent decrease in overall turnover and nearly $4 million in savings.
Greater talent means greater sales. This retail client saw a $1.4 million increase in annual sales through The Science of Talent, which translated to nearly $42 million between a top-performing manager and a bottom-performing manager.
When Talent Plus’ revolutionary physician interview was studied, it was proven not only to provide significant cost savings of a poor selection, but also enhanced this health care client’s culture and brand reputation.
A six-year study indicates this government agency could nearly double their ability to accurately predict promotion potential of those entering their training programs by using the Talent Plus science.
Regardless of culture, The Science of Talent ® is able to accurately predict one’s ability to perform with excellence.
Total integration of Talent Plus’ Quality Selection Process across all positions, this hospitality client realized an overall turnover reduction of 62 percent over 17 years saving this company over $93 million annually. Download PDF | 249K
With this hospital’s grand opening fast approaching, they turned to Talent Plus to select all employees at their new facility through The Science of Talent, resulting in only 14% turnover in the first three months, as well as some of the highest quality outcomes of any U.S. hospital.