“We must reinforce argument with results.” 

                                                                — Booker T. Washington

Results: Health Care

World-class health care is delivered by world-class teams of people. Investing in those people yields great results to the bottom line.

HCAHPS Improve when Selecting the Best

Higher HCAHPS on “Likely to Recommend”

Top 25% = Lower Absenteeism

Turnover Savings = $1M

Results: Hospitality

Create an experience that will keep your guests coming back time and time again. Extraordinary people will make the difference and bring real results to your bottom line.

53% Turnover Difference

Selecting the Best = $1M+

24% Drop in Customer Complaints

$93M Savings

Results: Retail

Will the people strategies you put in place today sustain your business tomorrow? Find real results when you invest in your only truly sustainable resource, your people.

$1.6M in Savings Potential

$5.8M in One Year

Results: Automotive

Staff your dealership with people who get results. We know people and we get results with scientific accuracy.

Sell 3x More Vehicles

Online Accuracy

Results: Finance

Exceed your sales goals by putting the right people in place. Let us identify them for you up front and see dramatic results in the short term that will last over the long haul.

$1M Gain by Reducing Turnover

$16M More in Loans Sold

Results: Government

Predicting potential can be a difficult trick, but our scientifically validated interviews and assessments allow even the government to reliably predict who their most successful candidates will be.

Promotion Prediction