"You don't find a building like this just anywhere. Everything about it is complex. It makes a statement, not only about the design but about Talent Plus.  Everywhere you look there's precision. It's very orderly, despite the fact that it's outside the box. Talent Plus wasn't building a building - they built something almost like a very fine watch. Talent Plus was looking for precision that one doesn't normally ask for in buildings."

Mickey Steinberg, project advisor

A Reflection of a Company Built on Transparency, Teamwork and Talent

The design of Talent Plus' headquarters is an architectural rendering of the heart and soul of our company. The building was designed to promote interaction and communication consistent with Talent Plus' Mission, Vision and Values. We invite you to visit our headquarters, experience the warmth and welcoming nature of this space and interact with our associates.

Culture of Design

With a client base reaching across the globe, Talent Plus' vision was to build a corporate headquarters conveying a world-class image, "The number one reason we stayed (in Lincoln) is the people," says Talent Plus chairman Doug Rath. "The human capital in Lincoln is extraordinary."

Talent Plus' six-acre plus campus incorporates the thematic components of the work force within - a highly talented work force working at a high level of engagement with fellow associates and clients, as well as, providing the community with a clear understanding of the work underway at Talent Plus.

"It was essential that the building showcase our associates and clients - a building of museum quality to illustrate our activities. Through the simplicity of clear exterior and interior walls, the heart of our business and its inner relationships are reflected. Through the form and substance of the building, the discovery of the complexity of a person's personality is echoed," offers Rath.

Talented people are complex. With its varying angles, peaks, slopes and curved window sets, the building represents human complexity, while expressing a simple, sincere, understated sophistication while warm and welcoming. The same description can be used in Talent Plus' belief in forming positive relationships - critical to individual growth - for only through positive relationships can people grow.  To schedule a visit, contact Talent Plus.

Talent Plus
One Talent Plus Way
Lincoln, Nebraska 68506-5987
1.800.VARSITY (827.7489)