Culture is foundational. It sets the stage for what the future will hold…

Intentional Culture Leads to Success
We have intentionally built every aspect of our culture from the very beginning. We proudly use our own scientific tools, the same ones we offer to you, to select every single person who works for us. We do this to deliberately build our culture and fill our halls with positive, high-energy, hard-working, caring and value-oriented associates. We Select and Develop our associates through specific Associate Learning Academies and ongoing opportunities for further education at every stage of their career. Our award-winning culture is one that associates often share as they recruit others to join us. A focus on Wellness and Social Responsibility have always been central to our core beliefs and we make a calculated attempt to meet the needs of the whole person from the day of hire on.

Vision Statement
To be the leading partner in building and sustaining high-performing cultures through the assessment, development and engagement of talent.

Our Promise
We are a compelling place for associates to work.
We are a compelling place for clients to do business.
We are a compelling citizen to have in any community.

Mission Statement
We believe every person has talent. Talent’s expression is dependent upon the opportunity to express it. It is the goal of Talent Plus to help its clients and their employees to express this talent to the mutual benefit of the individual and organization.

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