The Science of Talent ®

In today's competitive market, the selection, development and retention of talented people pose serious challenges for CEOS and HR leaders globally. A company's intellectual capital - and only sustainable competitive advantage - is its people. Studies of employee performance in talent-focused business cultures points to the impact highly talented employees have on an organization. Unlike skills and experience, talent is a reliable predictor of performance excellence.

Today's leaders need strategies and tools to recruit, select, grow and retain highly talented people - ultimately the fundamental driver of organizational performance and sustained competitive advantage.

Talent Plus has studied talented, successful people and identified specific personality traits that drive success. And, we have determined how these talents affect performance in every part of the workplace, from front line to senior leader. Based on empirical data, Talent Plus has developed reliable, validated instruments that will allow your organization to assess an individual's aptitude to perform a specific job with excellence. We have the research, selection instruments and supportive technology to recruit and select talent consistently with exponential ROI and improved performance outcomes.

Selecting talent is only the beginning. It takes an integrated talent management strategy - with the commitment of everyone from the CEO to the line manager - for an organization to achieve sustained excellence. The resulting impact can best be explained through Talent Plus' Growth Formula.

(Talent + Fit) x Investment = Growth

Talent: A person's capacity to achieve near-perfect performance. It provides intrinsic satisfaction, results in spontaneous behavior and can be cultivated to achieve near perfect performance.  We believe every person has talent; however, talent's expression is dependent upon the opportunity to express it.

Fit: Casting each person in a situation where their spontaneous behaviors are utilized for the mutual benefit of the company and the individual.

Investment: Individual development and recognition tools, created through meaningful coaching relationships with each associate.

Growth: The right combination of talent, fit and investment results in growth both for the company and the individual. When people are cast in the right position for their talent and continuously developed, they can achieve peak performance. The cumulative effect becomes a competitive advantage.

Creating a Culture Where Talent Is Celebrated

Utilizing a time-tested, validated, scientific approach of studying top performers, our client partners are able to further define their culture through the acquisition, retention, development and recognition of top talent. To learn more, contact Talent Plus.