Front Line

Front Line

The Face of your Company

Select top-performing front line employees through online assessments and/or interviews. From there our development programs are designed to maximize associate growth potential at every level.

Mass Hire | Open a New Location | Streamline your Selection Process | Develop your Employees | Improve the Customer Experience

Talent Online ® Assessments (TOASM):

  • Automotive TOAs (Parts Advisor, Service Advisor, Dealer Staff, Technician)
  • Cosmetic Sales TOA
  • Culinary Services TOA
  • Customer Service TOA
  • Health Care TOA (Clinical and Non-Clinical)
  • Hospitality TOA (Front of House and Heart of House)
  • Production Worker TOA
  • Retail TOA
  • Retail Sales Associate TOA
  • Sales Associate TOA
  • Student TOA
  • Tax Professional TOA

 Person-to-Person Interviews*

  • Advertising Sales
  • Co-Worker
  • Customer Development and Service
  • Health Care Professional
  • Inside Dealer Sales
  • Outside Dealer Sales
  • Production Worker
  • Sales Associate
  • Staff
  • Tax Professional
  • Teacher

*All Person-to-Person Interviews are available for certification.

Talent+Hire Applicant Tracking System

Talent+HireSM is a premier solution for companies that understand the importance of selecting top performers, but haven’t selected an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). For more information about Talent+Hire, contact us at or call 1.800.VARSITY.

Development Solutions
We offer development solutions and consulting for all position levels. Click here to learn more.

Onsite events include:

  • Get Plused: A day-long seminar highlighting how to build an engaged culture*
  • Leadership Toolbox: A day-long seminar designed to give leaders the practical tools to implement immediately to more effectively develop your team**

*Hosted twice a year (Spring and Fall) at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization
**Hosted several times a year at Talent Plus and can be brought onsite to your organization

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